Modern technology, and the growth of computer information technology systems in particular, has allowed for the rapid expansion of businesses in a variety of sectors.

This is where structured cabling is esential, not least because it can provide much needed cohesion to a rapidly expanding and significantly complex IT system.

Traditionally in Gibraltar, cabling has literally been "thrown together". This leads to many hours of network problems, troubleshooting, loss of productivity - with added repair costs. We, iComms, always start our network analysis on site by simply looking at the cabling.

Structured cabling always serves as the epicenter to any network infrastructure. When you mix and match new systems or add and subtract them, the structured cabling system will allow you to do so without any unnecessary disruptions or potential downtime.

Moving, replacing, upgrading and troubleshooting equipment is easier and less problematic if a properly designed cabling structure is in place.

iComms are able to test, asses, install or repair all Cat 5, Cat 6 and Fibre cabling scenarios, including certification.